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Asthma Testimonials

  • I was suffering from chronic allergic rhinitis from 5 years and was on continuous modern allopathic medicines; which included anti histamine and anti allergic tablets. The allopathic medicines were not giving much relief and the doctor was increasing the doses. This is when I switched to Ayurveda and approached at Ayurveda Body Cure. During the consultation, Dr. Kohli explained me all the causes of my disease in detail and also recommended me a few dietary suggestions which proved quite helpful in the course of treatment.

    I had 2 detoxifications of total 14 sessions as I was suggested by Vishal. After a couple of months I would breathe free without any blockages and had no allergic issues as well. Thanks to Vishal and the team at Ayurveda Body Cure.


    - R.N, India.

  • Having watched and experienced the successful results of my partner undergoing a course of treatment at the Ayurveda Body Cure I decided to try for myself to see if it would improve my weight and health. The consultation I underwent with Vishal at the Ayurveda Body Cure identified various aspects of my life that needed to be addressed such as excess weight, irregular sleep patterns, acidity and heartburn, back pain, blocked sinuses and cramps in the feet and chest. Vishal recommended a course of 5 body massages and detox procedures including daily herbal remedies, yoga and relaxation exercises and dietary rules. Due to the support he gave during our regular consultations and the professional treatments I received from the therapists at the Ayurveda Body Cure my physical and mental wellbeing has improved beyond recognition. In the three months since I began my weight has dropped by an amazing 16kg, I can breathe through my nose for the first time in 25 years, I sleep soundly and wake refreshed and the issues of cramp and acidity have all but disappeared. Most importantly, I feel healthy, confident and relaxed, all through adopting an Ayurvedic lifestyle. I would like to offer my thanks to you Vishal and to all of the great people at the Ayurveda Body Cure. Very best regards 


    - D, Great Britain

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