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Hypertension / High Blood pressure Testimonials

  • I am 62 year old female; diagnosed as Lumbar disc bulge and osteo porotic changes by an orthopedic surgeon; due to this I had radiating pain in my left leg and I would not stand for more than 5 minutes. The orthopedic also prescribed me with heavy doses of painkiller and antacid. I was already on anti-hypertensive medication for high blood pressure from 3 years and had also landed in hypertensive emergency a year ago. I also suffered from chronic headache which was later diagnosed as Migrane by a general physician. For the past 10 years I had itching of skin for which dermatologist had prescribed me anti-histamine medication. Overall I was many loads of modern medicines from a long time. This continuous use of inorganic chemically derived modern allopathic medications lead to severe acidity and gastric troubles. As a second opinion I visited Ayurveda Body Cure. Dr. Vishal explained me about the side effects of the medicines ad also suggested me to start with herbal medication before withdrawing the allopathic medicines, as my physiology got habitual to the medicines and it would not be a great idea if the modern medicines were withdrawn suddenly. So I started with the herbal medicines as Dr. Kohli closely observed and monitored the doses and its effects. After a month of medication all the doses of allopathic medicines were tapered down and I was feeling much better than before. My pains were reduced and blood pressure started to fall down. Also my acidity and gastric troubles showed positive signs as the herbal medicines were working well.

    It took me 1 year to completely stop the antacids, painkillers, anti-histamine and other modern medications, yet I had overall 75-80% of relief without the support of any modern medicines. After another 6 months, my weight which was 80 kgs previously dropped down by almost 6-7 kgs and my blood pressure also dropped nearly to the normal range (slightly above the normal range), which previously was in stage 2 hypertensive category. Now I have no itching on skin, head ache is a history and antacids are no longer required. This positive change has brought much more happiness to me and has changed the definition of health in my life. After 2 years from the first consultation now all the modern allopathic medicines have been stopped by the general physician considering the miraculous improvements in my health. My back pain which radiated towards the left leg is 90% fine without any painkiller and I go for walks in the morning and evening, which is what I enjoy the most. I have stopped the antacids, yet not experiencing any acidity issues. Thanks to Dr. Vishal for his support and holistic approach given to me for a better and healthy life.


    - V.S, India.

  • I was diagnosed as Psoriatic arthritis for 15 years and also high blood pressure at the same time. Other than that I also had issues like hyperacidity, bloating of stomach, and swelling all over body and weight issues. I took Ayurvedic treatment from Dr. Vishal Kohli for 9 months from June 2013 to February 2014. At the end of the treatment plan advised by Dr. Vishal Kohli I had almost more than 80% of relief from Psoriasis and my joint pain due to arthritis was lowered in frequency and intensity. Overall, I had a relief of 90% in arthritis and hardly if any stiffness remained in my joints. I had also reduced 7 kgs of weight by the end of the treatment after 9 months. Swelling over my body was almost disappeared gradually as my digestive system also improved a lot and I never had any issues with bloating of stomach as I had previously. Hyperacidity levels were also lowered down and comparatively my appetite also improved a lot than what it was before the treatment.

    Thanks to Dr. Kohli for improving my lifestyle and health status. May God bless everyone with a healthy life.


    - L.M, India

  • I’m 47 year old male and I have taken treatment at Ayurveda Body Cure for 2 months. I had severe issues of hyperacidity for more than 10 years; I would have to take an antacid ever day for the past 7 years and would still have acid vomiting occasionally. As a side effect of the pills I always had a sour taste in my mouth, nausea, felt drowsy and low all the time. I have accepted the fact I would have to take the pills for acidity daily along with the medication for high blood pressure and yet suffer with the unmanageable hyperacidity. Along with acidity I also had intermittent back pain almost thrice a week and tingling numbness in my left hand, which started a month ago. Other than this I had a history of constipation from 10 years and hypertension from 3 years.

    Then a friend of mine who was a patient of Dr. Kohli suggested me to start with Ayurvedic treatment from him. Now it’s been 6 months and I haven’t had any pills for acidity, yet I haven’t experienced any symptoms till date. After a detailed consultation, Dr. Kohli advised me some simple dietary recommendations and to start with Yoga and breathing exercises. I followed his advised and also got done with the Panchakarma detoxification and continued the medications as prescribed by Dr. Kohli. Now I’m much more happy and energetic, and the credit goes to all the efforts that were taken by Dr. Kohli in treating me. I haven’t had any back pain and constipation ever since I completed my detoxification. To my surprise my blood pressure has also dropped down because of my Yoga exercise routine.


    - F.S, India

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