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Diabetes Testimonials

  • I am 56 year old female, I took treatment at Ayurveda Body Cure for 5 months for the following health issues:-

    - Rheumatoid arthritis
    - Diabetes mellitus

    - High blood pressure/ hypertension
    - Breathlessness
    - Sleep issues
    - Hyperacidity

    After 5 months of continuous medication, Yoga, dietary and lifestyle changes as per the advice and subtle detoxification I had tremendous improvements in my health condition. I was suffering from RA for the past 3 years and would not even walk before the first consultation; but now my flexibility has increased and pain is also under control. I take no painkiller now, as I used to have previously. My diabetic medication is also reduced to half as my sugar levels are under control with proper diet and Yoga. Previously I had to have antacids on daily basis due to the heavy doses of allopathic medicines, but no I am no longer dependent on the antacids and yet not experiencing any acidity. I used to feel breathless with the slightest movement done; now I do Yoga and go for long walks as my breathless has reduced and physical endurance has been boosted after the course of treatment. My blood pressure is under control and I can sleep instantly. My sleep is much better than what it was at the time of first consultation at Ayurveda Body Cure; as a result I wake up fresh in the morning.

    Thanks to Vishal and his staff at Ayurveda Body Cure.


    - K.A, India

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