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Infertility Testimonials

  • I was unable to conceive for a year. Then we approached for Ayurvedic treatment at Ayurveda Body Cure. I had undergone D & C procedure as per the suggestion of a gynecologist but it did not help me to conceive. I also suffered from hyperacidity, insomnia, back pain, unsatisfactory bowel movements with bloating and major issues of PMS.

    After a detailed consultation with Dr. Vishal Kohli, he explained me the causes of infertility according to Ayurveda and how D & C procedure may also be a cause to worsen the chances of conception. I was recommended to start with herbal medication for 15 days and then a subtle detox (Panchakarma) continued by medication thereafter.

    I was very sincere with recommendations and after a month of treatment (detox and medications both) my general health improved and the issues that I had previously were all fine. My bowel movements were regular, no acidity a better quality of sleep. Previously I was suffering from PMS issues leading to major emotional disturbances, after the treatment I was completely off PMS. I continued with the Yoga, Diet and breathing techniques and conceived within couple of months.


    - P.G, India

  • I had undergone two IVF's  before coming to Ayurveda Body Cure, but unfortunately they did not succeed due to unknown reasons. I also had a history of 2 ectopic pregnancies, thus both of my fallopian tubes were removed. Hence there was not an option available, but to go for a third IVF.

    One of my close relatives recommended trying Ayurvedic treatment from Ayurveda Body Cure prior to undergoing my third IVF. The Ayurvedic expert at Ayurveda Body Cure explained me the reasons of the prior two unsuccessful IVf's according to the Ayurvedic science, and suggested me to undergo a detoxification programme ( Panchakarma) followed by herbal medication for about 3 - 6 months.

    I went forward with the treatment plan suggested by Dr. Vishal Kohli and after the detox I was already feeling much healthier as my vaginal discharge was no more there, appetite had increased,I had shed a few kilos,my hyperacidity and backache were completely relieved, and my sleep was much better.I was amazed how healthy I was feeling in the first 50 days of the treatment. I saw a hope in continuing with the herbal medications and the Yoga exercises as recommended by Dr. Vishal.

    After 3 months of Ayurvedic treatment I went for an IVF and I was able to conceived and was blessed with a healthy child. Thanks to my family, friends and Ayurveda Body Cure for supporting me in the course of my treatment.


    - D.G, India

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