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Rheumatoid arthritis Testimonials

  • I am 56 year old female, I took treatment at Ayurveda Body Cure for 5 months for the following health issues:-

    Rheumatoid arthritis
    Diabetes mellitus
    High blood pressure/ hypertension
    Sleep issues

    After 5 months of continuous medication, Yoga, dietary and lifestyle changes as per the advice and subtle detoxification I had tremendous improvements in my health condition. I was suffering from RA for the past 3 years and would not even walk before the first consultation; but now my flexibility has increased and pain is also under control. I take no painkiller now, as I used to have previously. My diabetic medication is also reduced to half as my sugar levels are under control with proper diet and Yoga. Previously I had to have antacids on daily basis due to the heavy doses of allopathic medicines, but no I am no longer dependent on the antacids and yet not experiencing any acidity. I used to feel breathless with the slightest movement done; now I do Yoga and go for long walks as my breathless has reduced and physical endurance has been boosted after the course of treatment. My blood pressure is under control and I can sleep instantly. My sleep is much better than what it was at the time of first consultation at Ayurveda Body Cure; as a result I wake up fresh in the morning.

    Thanks to Vishal and his staff at Ayurveda Body Cure.


    - K.A, India

  • I was diagnosed as Psoriatic arthritis for 15 years and also high blood pressure at the same time. Other than that I also had issues like hyperacidity, bloating of stomach, and swelling all over body and weight issues. I took Ayurvedic treatment from Dr. Vishal Kohli for 9 months from June 2013 to February 2014. At the end of the treatment plan advised by Dr. Vishal Kohli I had almost more than 80% of relief from Psoriasis and my joint pain due to arthritis was lowered in frequency and intensity. Overall, I had a relief of 90% in arthritis and hardly if any stiffness remained in my joints. I had also reduced 7 kgs of weight by the end of the treatment after 9 months. Swelling over my body was almost disappeared gradually as my digestive system also improved a lot and I never had any issues with bloating of stomach as I had previously. Hyperacidity levels were also lowered down and comparatively my appetite also improved a lot than what it was before the treatment.

    Thanks to Dr. Kohli for improving my lifestyle and health status. May God bless everyone with a healthy life.


    - L.M, India

  • I would like to send my deepest gratitude to all the staff and especially to Vishal for the care and support that I have received from Ayurveda Body Cure. This is my second testimonial after my continued treatment which is now complete. I started my treatment with Vishal over a year ago for my rheumatoid arthritis, under-active thyroid, and sluggish digestive system and generally feeling lethargic and having low energy. After my first set of five treatments of Abyanga with Pindeswada, Basti together with medication and herbal powder made up by Vishal, I was amazed and delighted how my body had improved and I felt so much more balanced and healthier. As you can read from my first testimonial my joint pains where 80% better, my bowel movement were becoming daily and stomach bloating was 90% better. I was becoming calmer in myself and less stressed, which meant my energy was also improving. Throughout this period, I was very careful with my diet and followed the diet plan and instructions given by Vishal. This was the main and most important change that I had to make and adapt to. I believed that continuing with the treatment, I would become stronger mentally and more in control of my own wellbeing and my aim was to make this change in my diet and lifestyle, a habit. I was very determined to learn more about my body and mind and at no cost was going to slip back into old habits. I therefore decided to continue with another set of five treatments, as above. I also knew that Vishal’s advice and guidance was very valuable for me, he was my strength and he helped me to believe in myself and believed that I could be cured. Throughout the second set of treatments, my rheumatoid arthritis is now 100% better, my bowels are daily and I do not suffer from any bloating. Occasionally, due to the cold damp weather or if there is a change in routine, my arthritis and bowels can be disturbed however this is bought back into control purely by itself by my diet and the instructions given by Vishal. My under-active thyroid continued to improve and by the end of my treatment I was no longer taking any medication for this. For over 10 years I was taking 100mg of thyroxine and was weaned off this as my health improved, this was monitored closely by my own GP through regular blood test. My energy levels are higher and I am so much more confident and happier. I am now in control of my body and aware of what it needs to remain healthy and strong. I have learnt with the guidance from Vishal to be mentally calmer, positive and stronger. Vishal believed and trusted in me, and I too have found this in me. It is hard and difficult to let go and change your ways; and I have really had to practice and train my mind and body to have been able to succeed. My pranayam, meditation and yoga classes were necessary to be more peaceful within, which was also a major part of my healing. Ayurveda Body Cure has been a big part of my life and always will be. I received so much support, kindness and guidance from Vishal, the therapist and staff, in order for me to heal and allow my true self to shine. I have build a strong foundation from within and feel very confident in taking good care of both my body and mind; and concentrating on keeping my thoughts positive and happy. After all ‘You Are What You Think’ and ‘You Are What You Eat.’ I feel very blessed and fortunate to have been guided towards Ayurveda Body Cure. I am now a changed person on a journey to a healthier, peaceful and happier life. From the bottom of my heart, Thank You Vishal, all the therapist and staff for everything you have done for me. I admire and give praise to all the care, support and commitment you give in helping people like me to get better and giving them belief. It takes someone really special and loving to be able to do this. With much love J


    - J, UK.

  • I was diagnosed with Rheumatoid arthritis 12 years ago at the age of 28 and over the last couple of years my condition was getting worse and I was experiencing flare-ups on a more regular basis. In 2009 I visited the Yoga Show in London, where I attended an Ayurveda lecture. I was so inspired by the lecture that I decided to have an Ayurvedic consultation and after my first set of five massage-based therapies, herbal enemas, and Ayurvedic herbal medication I was amazed and delighted at how my body had improved. Throughout this period, I was very careful with my Ayurvedic diet, yoga (postures, breathing techniques, meditation) and other lifestyle instructions. Following the second set of treatments, my rheumatoid arthritis is now 100 per cent better. Occasionally, due to the cold damp weather or if there is a change in routine, my arthritis and bowels can be disturbed; however, this is bought back into control simply by itself by my Ayurvedic diet and the instructions given by Vishal Kohli, my Ayurvedic consultant. I feel very blessed and fortunate to have been guided towards Ayurveda Body Cure. I am now a changed person on a journey to a healthier, more peaceful and happier life.


    - J, UK.

  • It has taken almost a year of Ayurvedic treatment but it has been worth it. My family in particular has noticed a big difference in my energy and general happiness. I was told two years ago I had Fibromyalgia by a consultant Rheumatologist and when I researched into the illness it didn’t look very hopeful. There didn’t seem to be an awful lot that would help and I was already taking more painkillers than I was happy taking. I went to the Ayurveda Body Cure out of curiosity/desperation really. After I had the first consultation with Vishal Kohli it did all seem to make sense, so I thought I would give it a try. I hadn’t realised how bad things had got until I started to feel better, I think I had got used to feeling that way. My symptoms had gradually got worse over a period of about three years and I had adapted my lifestyle to accommodate it. After one year of Ayurvedic treatment my pains and aches are 90% better and as a result I have so much more energy, I am sleeping 100% better. I used to hate getting up in the mornings as i felt terrible and everything was such ‘hard work’. My whole body was stiff and painful; it would take me hours to be able to move around easily. My headaches have gone and I am not in so much pain all the time; I very rarely take any painkillers. Coupled with this my cholesterol level is now normal having been told, after a blood test, it was high. All my digestive and pre-menstrual issues have vanished completely. The majority of my symptoms have gone and as a result I am much happier in myself. Vishal’s holistic Ayurvedic treatment plan of herbal remedies, herbal enemas and diet recommendations has really helped me and the massages are great; you can’t help but feel relaxed after them. 


    - A.T, Reading

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