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Obesity/Weight loss Testimonials

  • I am 30 year old female taking treatment from Dr. Vishal Kohli at Ayurveda Body Cure for more than 3 years. He is not just a doctor but a good friend as well. I am very particular when it comes to health. I always prefer herbal and natural ways to treat myself. Even for the slightest health issues arising from climatic changes I always take herbal medications; to be more precise I prefer Ayurveda.

    A few years from now I had issues with my gynecological system; I suffered from PMS, stress, depression, pain in legs and I was slightly overweight. Under Vishal’s guidance; Panchakarma detoxification, herbal Ayurvedic medicines, Yoga and breathing techniques has helped me a lot to overcome my health issues and lead towards a healthy life in a natural way. I have shed extra weight and tone up my body language with the herbal oil based therapies. The Yoga and dietary changes have increased my energy levels and also help me to manage stress level. With the help of herbal medications given by Dr. Vishal my immunity has boosted and my issues with periods and sleep have disappeared as if they never existed. The personal counseling session has help me relieve stress and also to find my motivation of life. Thanks to Vishal for being a such a good friend and a genuine doctor.


    - S.A, India

  • I had Panchakarma detoxification at Ayurveda Body Cure. I was overweight, insomniac and also had minor health issues like acidity, pain in abdomen and back and general weakness. Dr. Vishal advised me to have a Panchakarma detox followed by herbal medications.

    I lost 3 kgs instantly after the detox yet did not feel weak but fresh and energetic. Moreover all the minor issues were resolved and pains also reduced to bare minimum levels. Then I started medicines for further management of my health condition and also started doing Yoga and breathing exercises regularly as taught to me in the personal Yoga sessions. I had a huge difference in my health and I am completely fit now. I used to have unexplained pain in abdomen and back, this issue as well is addressed after the treatment. I am a much healthier person than before and the credit goes to Ayurveda Body Cure. Thanks a lot.


    - N.A, India

  • I was diagnosed as Psoriatic arthritis for 15 years and also high blood pressure at the same time. Other than that I also had issues like hyperacidity, bloating of stomach, and swelling all over body and weight issues. I took Ayurvedic treatment from Dr. Vishal Kohli for 9 months from June 2013 to February 2014. At the end of the treatment plan advised by Dr. Vishal Kohli I had almost more than 80% of relief from Psoriasis and my joint pain due to arthritis was lowered in frequency and intensity. Overall, I had a relief of 90% in arthritis and hardly if any stiffness remained in my joints. I had also reduced 7 kgs of weight by the end of the treatment after 9 months. Swelling over my body was almost disappeared gradually as my digestive system also improved a lot and I never had any issues with bloating of stomach as I had previously. Hyperacidity levels were also lowered down and comparatively my appetite also improved a lot than what it was before the treatment.

    Thanks to Dr. Kohli for improving my lifestyle and health status. May God bless everyone with a healthy life.


    - L.M, India

  • I am a 27 year old female and undergoing treatment from Dr. Vishal since 1 year. I was suffering from multiple issues including PCOD, PMS, insomnia, weight gain; chronic back pain and head ache (Migrane), etc. I have been suffering from these issues for more than 5 years. After trying and changing multiple doctors I was totally depressed regarding my health and had lost all the hope of living a quality life. Until then, a renowned gynecologist of the city recommended me to look out if Ayurveda would help me with my health issues and also gave me Dr. Vishal’s reference. When I started with the herbal medications and recommendations I would actually feel the difference in my energy level within a week. I started to lose weight and inches, I had no head ache and I also started sleeping earlier at night. Now my latest USG reports showed no impressions of ovarian cysts as shown previously; my 1 year old USG stated multiple ovarian cysts. Before starting the treatment my weight was 74kgs and now after a year my weight has reduced down to 60.2kgs and I have also lost unwanted inches from stomach and thigh region. My old friends would not even recognize me as I looked much more energetic and younger than ever before. A year ago, I lacked confidence to face interviews and mix up with friends and society due to my heavy weight and depression of my health issues, but it’s totally changed now; I am filled with lots of energy and hopes to work, have fun and indulge with the society. I had personalized Yoga sessions which helped me a lot in controlling and reversing my weight gain. The recommended herbal massages helped me a lot for my back pain and headache; after Panchakarma detoxification I never had back pain and headache. The counseling sessions with Dr. Vishal has motivated and brought back positive thinking in me. Thanks to Dr. Vishal and his team at Ayurveda Body Cure. I hope this testimonial and my help many patients like me to seek help and choose the expert for better quality of life.


    - M.B, Pune

  • I approached Dr.Vishal Kohli for various health issues like Chalazion, Constipation, PMS issues, Insomnia, Weight, Hair fall and Dandruff. During my first consultation with him he prescribed me with some Ayurvedic herbs, diet, Exercise, Yoga postures and some breathing techniques. After the first 3 months of taking his prescribed herbs and making changes in my lifestyle, I started to notice a difference. He suggested me to continue with the treatment for a couple of months to see long term effect. The Ayurvedic herbs, diet and lifestyle made a big difference. My sleep improved, had no constipation, my PMT issues resolved (no pain). I had no dandruff and my weight reduced by 8 kgs. The hair fall and eye chalazion reduced to half the size and amount. I am very happy with the results, and I feel much better within myself and have more energy. I am grateful for the time he has spent in treating me for the past 1 year. He has being cheerful and lovely during all the consultations. My hearty thanks to him.


    - S.V, London.

  • I am a retired Special Needs Teacher and a State Registered Art Therapist. I am still employed part-time by both the Health Service and Wokingham Education Authority to provide supervision for two groups of specialist teachers and for two art therapists working with children with mental health issues. I have had many years of Family Therapy experience. I have known Vishal Kohli for two and a half years as I have been one of his clients at the Ayurveda Clinic in Reading during this time. At all times during this period, I have found Vishal Kohli to be an ethical, discrete and sensitive clinician. He follows the principles of Ayurveda which are highly esteemed and valued by many people in the East and West. He takes time to attend to the whole person and prescribes suitable treatment with great care which I have benefitted from and appreciated. As a personality he is empathic but discrete. When I originally attended his clinic I had had breast cancer treatment three years previously and was suffering from the side effects of the medication as well as being generally run down with sleeping problems and overweight. In addition over this time I have suffered from trembling hands, joint pains in my hands, pain in the ear and blocked capillaries in one leg. He prescribed a detox programme which included herbal treatment as well as a series of massage therapies as well as yoga exercises. Vishal came to my home to teach me Yoga over 10 sessions. This benefitted me greatly and over at least six months I gradually lost weight. I continued with the herbal treatment for some time. My energy levels are now very good, I do Yoga every day. Also my sleep is 80% better and the trembling in my hands is reduced by 60%, I have no ear pain or burning of blocked capillaries. I no longer suffer from hay fever which I have had for 35 years. This last Winter I again attended and had several enemas and herbal treatments which has improved my general health and sleeping problems. 


    - H.G, Reading

  • Having watched and experienced the successful results of my partner undergoing a course of treatment at the Ayurveda Body Cure I decided to try for myself to see if it would improve my weight and health. The consultation I underwent with Vishal at the Ayurveda Body Cure identified various aspects of my life that needed to be addressed such as excess weight, irregular sleep patterns, acidity and heartburn, back pain, blocked sinuses and cramps in the feet and chest. Vishal recommended a course of 5 body massages and detox procedures including daily herbal remedies, yoga and relaxation exercises and dietary rules. Due to the support he gave during our regular consultations and the professional treatments I received from the therapists at the Ayurveda Body Cure my physical and mental wellbeing has improved beyond recognition. In the three months since I began my weight has dropped by an amazing 16kg, I can breathe through my nose for the first time in 25 years, I sleep soundly and wake refreshed and the issues of cramp and acidity have all but disappeared. Most importantly, I feel healthy, confident and relaxed, all through adopting an Ayurvedic lifestyle. I would like to offer my thanks to you Vishal and to all of the great people at the Ayurveda Body Cure. 


    - D, Great Britain

  • A big thank you to everyone at Ayurveda Body Cure I didn't have any specific physical health problems when I booked my first course of treatment with you; just tiredness and being generally worn down by a very busy and stressful lifestyle. Any symptoms I had, such as lack of energy, poor fitness and stiffening joints and muscles, I put down to ageing although I knew deep down I could slow the process or even reverse some of the effects, if I practiced more of what I preached to my own clients and patients. I had been aware of the benefits of Ayurveda for many years through Transcendental Meditation and my husband and my eldest daughter having treatments in India. As it happened, the day I arrived I was not feeling well at all, which is very unusual for me; I guess my body was at last being given the chance to be ill as I'd taken a holiday! From the moment I arrived I felt cared for by you all. Vishal was very perceptive in his assessment during the consultation and seemed very quickly to understand the root of my imbalances. The caring was sustained throughout the 8 days, checking in as to how I was, adjusting the herbs accordingly. The daily massages and shirodhana treatments were wonderful; at first I was too tired to comment or give much feedback but I found mostly that the therapists were very sensitive to what I needed without me needing to tell them. As I began to feel better in myself, I thought the massages although so enjoyable were maybe a bit too self indulgent, but as the days went on I felt the real benefit as my flexibility returned and I could again do yoga postures I haven't managed for a few years. It seemed that nothing was too much trouble for you, including providing me with suitable food for lunch and dinner, so I could immediately start following the recommended diet I had another few days before I had to return to home and work but when I did all the usual stresses were waiting for me, with some additional extra difficult situations! However I have managed to keep a balance and sail through them unscathed - without resorting to comfort eating again! My weight has continued to reduce and everyone I meet says how well I look. It seemed like a lot of money but it was absolutely worth every penny and I have no hesitation in recommending you to family, friends and colleagues. I look forward to follow up treatment and only wish you were closer to home. 


    - B, UK.

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