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Cervical spondylosis / Chronic neck pain Testimonials

  • I had chronic fatigue and swelling over my face. Frequently I used to suffer from neck pain and stiffness due to which I also had vertigo and at times if it gets sever I used to collapse.  This feared me a lot and had badly affected my daily routine. Dr. Vishal explained me the causes and mode of treatment and also informed me that it might take a long duration of time to treat my complaints as I had a long standing history of more than 10 years. But he also assured that there would be positive changes in my health.

    I went ahead with the treatment plan he advised me as it was the only hope for me towards getting rid of my ailments. It took 8 months for me to with subtle ups and downs in my health; but end of the day I had fruitful results with me. I live a healthier life and feel much better and energetic. Thanks to Vishal and Ayurveda Body Cure.


    - S.P, India

  • I had chronic neck pain, hyperacidity, joint pain, head ache and anorexia for past couple of years. I was diagnosed essential hypertension in my teenage and was on modern allopathic medication since then. I approached Dr. Vishal Kohli at Ayurveda Body Cure and completed a course of 6 months treatment as advised. Now it’s been a year after my first consultation at Ayurveda Body Cure and all my issues have been resolved and my health is 80 to 85% better even after stopping the herbal medication since 6 months. Vishal had advised me to take a set of series of herbal therapies and Ayurvedic herbal medications for 6 months and recommended me to do Yoga on daily basis so as to maintain my health.

    Within few weeks I had noticeable results as my joint pain lowered down by 60% in the first month with help of herbal medications, medicated herbal massages and Yoga; all together making it a holistic approach towards a positive change in my health. In the next 5 months all the pains and aches were lowered to just 5 to 10% remaining. Hyperacidity was like gone somewhere and never appeared again to me. My endurance also showed positive signs against my essential hypertension. My appetite also had noticeable improvements and yet I didn’t put on any extra pounds to my weight. In fact I was growing stronger; my back was much more flexible and stronger than before. Now it’s been 6 moths I have discontinued the medication as per the advice of Dr. Vishal and I’m very with results I got after the treatment at Ayurveda Body Cure.


    - J.C, India.

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