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IBS: Irritable Bowel Syndrome Testimonials

  • I am 57 years old female . i had major issues including hyperacidity from 20 yrs.


    Bloating and flautalence

    Knee pain

    I went to Ayurveda Body Cure where Dr. Kohli advised me with few medication and panchkarma .

    I had two sessio s of panchkarma., which were very relaxing and had fantastic effect.

    Yoga was also the part of my treatment. he also given me a diet chart  which helped me decreasing  my acidity problem.

    I had fantastic effect within 2 months of my treatment. my acidity stopped.

    Sugar levels are normal now .  knee pain has stopped . Now i can walk properly.

    With that my entire health has improved.

    All thanks to Dr. Kohli and  the team .


    - S.S

  • I am 33 years old female .

    I had major complaints including

     Loose motion from 6 months ,


    Bleeding ,

    Bloating , Flautalence,



    Then i went to Ayurveda Body Cure where  I had 2 sessions of Panchkarma.

     Dr. Kohli advised me few   medicines such as neem,amlaki, khair. He also advised me yoga which has proved a major hand in improving my health.

    My loose motions stopped completely, with that my entire digestion is good now.

    Hairfall has also stopped.all my complaints are 99% cured now.

    I felt very good and was taken good care by dr. Kohli and team.


    - B.S India.

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