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Insomnia / Sleep issues Testimonials

  • I had Panchakarma detoxification at Ayurveda Body Cure. I was overweight, insomniac and also had minor health issues like acidity, pain in abdomen and back and general weakness. Dr. Vishal advised me to have a Panchakarma detox followed by herbal medications.

    I lost 3 kgs instantly after the detox yet did not feel weak but fresh and energetic. Moreover all the minor issues were resolved and pains also reduced to bare minimum levels. Then I started medicines for further management of my health condition and also started doing Yoga and breathing exercises regularly as taught to me in the personal Yoga sessions. I had a huge difference in my health and I am completely fit now. I used to have unexplained pain in abdomen and back, this issue as well is addressed after the treatment. I am a much healthier person than before and the credit goes to Ayurveda Body Cure. Thanks a lot.


    - N.A, India

  • I am 56 year old female, I took treatment at Ayurveda Body Cure for 5 months for the following health issues:-

    -Rheumatoid arthritis
    -Diabetes mellitus
    -High blood pressure/ hypertension
    -Sleep issues

    After 5 months of continuous medication, Yoga, dietary and lifestyle changes as per the advice and subtle detoxification I had tremendous improvements in my health condition. I was suffering from RA for the past 3 years and would not even walk before the first consultation; but now my flexibility has increased and pain is also under control. I take no painkiller now, as I used to have previously. My diabetic medication is also reduced to half as my sugar levels are under control with proper diet and Yoga. Previously I had to have antacids on daily basis due to the heavy doses of allopathic medicines, but no I am no longer dependent on the antacids and yet not experiencing any acidity. I used to feel breathless with the slightest movement done; now I do Yoga and go for long walks as my breathless has reduced and physical endurance has been boosted after the course of treatment. My blood pressure is under control and I can sleep instantly. My sleep is much better than what it was at the time of first consultation at Ayurveda Body Cure; as a result I wake up fresh in the morning.

    Thanks to Vishal and his staff at Ayurveda Body Cure.


    - K.A, India

  • I was diagnosed as Psoriasis 4 years back by a renowned dermatologist of the city. I took treatment from him but the results were not satisfactory, this made me quite depressed. In the meanwhile one of my friends suggested me to have a consultation at Ayurveda Body Cure as they also had similar issues and they had good results. I had a detailed consultation with Dr. Vishal Kohli at Ayurveda Body Cure and started with the treatment plan. Dr. Vishal suggested me to start with Detoxification followed by medication, Yoga and breathing exercises. I followed his expert advice and started the detoxification, after which I actually feel the difference not only in my skin but also with the other issues. I had PMS, chronic head ache, constipation, hair fall, acidity and sleep issues. All of these complaints dropped down to approximately 60% after the detoxification. I also lost few pounds of weight which previously did was not in the healthy ratio of BMI. I continued the medication for almost 10 months and my psoriasis was 80% fine and rest all the issues were 90% fine. At this time Vishal suggested me to repeat the Panchakarma detoxification and then continue the course of medication. I was already satisfied with the results but Vishal believed that my health was responding well and would get even better if I repeated the detox.

    I repeated the detox and medication as advised. My skin issues were 95% fine and the rest of the general health aliments were 100% fine. It was only if there were any changes in my diet, lifestyle or climatic conditions that my skin issues would aggravate but not more than 5% than what it was previously. I completed the Ayurvedic treatment for the above issues and was feeling much healthier and happier like never before. Vishal is not just a good doctor but also a kind person; he has been a friend to me for all the time. Thanks to Dr. Vishal and his team at Ayurveda Body Cure to help me heal and live a better life.


    - R.S, India.

  • I am a 60 year old male; I had treatment from Dr. Vishal Kohli for 11 months. Before starting with the treatment I had major issues of sleep as it took me hours to sleep and I used to feel restless at night and again in the morning I did not feel fresh. I also had nocturnal urination. Also I had issues of anxiety; I was unable to focus neither at work or anywhere else, inferiority complex due to which I used to feel tired. My digestion was quite disturbed and I would not taste the flavors of food.

    When I started with the treatment my sleep was getting better and I was able to keep myself focused. I was feeling quite hungry at meal time. After 2 months my digestion was fully restored, I would taste and enjoy every flavor and felt quite healthy, then Vishal advised me to continue the treatment for few months ahead and I did so. With the help of dietary and lifestyle suggestions I was much more focused and felt confident at my work and also in my social life. Thanks to Vishal for helping me with my issues his dietary suggestions, Ayurvedic herbal medication, Yoga recommendation and counseling sessions all together made a holistic approach. This has helped me a lot to uplift my health and to live a better life.


    - C.K, UK.

  • I am a 23 year old female and I have had treatment from Dr. Vishal Kohli for 4 months. I suffered from itching of skin on soles of feet and palm which was my chief complaint. Other than this I also had disturbed sleep, acidity, PMS and hair fall.

    After couple of months I had 60% difference in itching and almost 80% results in other issues. After completing 4 months I had got rid of the irritation caused due to itching. I have no back pain, cramps in calf muscle, and no emotional disturbances before periods. My sleep now is much better and I can actually call it as a ‘deep sleep’ as its no more broken or disturbed as it was earlier. Now I also do Yoga regularly and my dietary habits are also changed a lot with the help of the diet charts and reference books recommended to me by Dr. Vishal.

    I hope my review might help many patients suffering from the same kind of issues.


    - J.A, India.

  • My chief complaints before starting the treatment plan of Ayurveda Body Cure were as follows:

    -Pain in hips, back (upper and middle back), shoulder from 4 years.
    -Right knee pain and shifting pain in joints from 1 year
    -Constipation and bloating of stomach from 6 months
    -Kidney stone recently diagnosed in USG report. Previously had kidney stone 6 years back
    -Sleeplessness, 11.30 pm to 4.30 am which is anyways broken either due to pain or even if a needle is dropped down.
    -Dreams, almost daily.
    -Unmanageable stress levels
    -Hair fall from 2 months
    -Lack of libido and loss of sexual desire

    After taking treatment for 7 months now I can handle stress much efficiently than ever before. My issues with kidney stone were resolved within 2-3 months of medication and Panchakarma detoxification. I hardly have pain only when over exhausted, but with only rest of an hour I get back to normal which was a never happening situation for me previously. Yes, my complaint of shifting pain and back ache has been resolved about 95%!! This indeed is a miraculous improvement for me as I my quality of life have improved a lot. Now I sleep before 10 pm and my sleep would not be disturbed even if an earthquake would occur. No dreams, thus a sound sleep with fresh and energetic mornings. I have not experienced constipation ever since my medication was started and even now after stopping the medicines I am able to evacuate my bowels satisfactorily. My hair fall is reduced and I can no more notice my hairs on my towel or comb or anywhere else. I feel more energetic physically as well as mentally, and my sexual desire has also come back to normal as if I’m growing younger every day.

    My special thanks to Vishal and his team for restoring my health as it was at its worst when I initially started my treatment, but now I feel healthier than ever before.

    I hope sharing my experience would also help other people to make a move towards a holistic lifestyle with the help of Ayurveda and Ayurveda Body Cure.


    - P.S, Pune, India.

  • I am a 27 year old female and undergoing treatment from Dr. Vishal since 1 year. I was suffering from multiple issues including PCOD, PMS, insomnia, weight gain; chronic back pain and head ache (Migrane), etc. I have been suffering from these issues for more than 5 years. After trying and changing multiple doctors I was totally depressed regarding my health and had lost all the hope of living a quality life. Until then, a renowned gynecologist of the city recommended me to look out if Ayurveda would help me with my health issues and also gave me Dr. Vishal’s reference. When I started with the herbal medications and recommendations I would actually feel the difference in my energy level within a week. I started to lose weight and inches, I had no head ache and I also started sleeping earlier at night. Now my latest USG reports showed no impressions of ovarian cysts as shown previously; my 1 year old USG stated multiple ovarian cysts. Before starting the treatment my weight was 74kgs and now after a year my weight has reduced down to 60.2kgs and I have also lost unwanted inches from stomach and thigh region. My old friends would not even recognize me as I looked much more energetic and younger than ever before. A year ago, I lacked confidence to face interviews and mix up with friends and society due to my heavy weight and depression of my health issues, but it’s totally changed now; I am filled with lots of energy and hopes to work, have fun and indulge with the society. I had personalized Yoga sessions which helped me a lot in controlling and reversing my weight gain. The recommended herbal massages helped me a lot for my back pain and headache; after Panchakarma detoxification I never had back pain and headache. The counseling sessions with Dr. Vishal has motivated and brought back positive thinking in me. Thanks to Dr. Vishal and his team at Ayurveda Body Cure. I hope this testimonial and my help many patients like me to seek help and choose the expert for better quality of life.


    - M.B, Pune

  • I approached Dr.Vishal Kohli for various health issues like Chalazion, Constipation, PMS issues, Insomnia, Weight, Hair fall and Dandruff. During my first consultation with him he prescribed me with some Ayurvedic herbs, diet, Exercise, Yoga postures and some breathing techniques. After the first 3 months of taking his prescribed herbs and making changes in my lifestyle, I started to notice a difference. He suggested me to continue with the treatment for a couple of months to see long term effect. The Ayurvedic herbs, diet and lifestyle made a big difference. My sleep improved, had no constipation, my PMT issues resolved (no pain). I had no dandruff and my weight reduced by 8 kgs. The hair fall and eye chalazion reduced to half the size and amount. I am very happy with the results, and I feel much better within myself and have more energy. I am grateful for the time he has spent in treating me for the past 1 year. He has being cheerful and lovely during all the consultations. My hearty thanks to him.


    - S.V, London.

  • Having watched and experienced the successful results of my partner undergoing a course of treatment at the Ayurveda Body Cure I decided to try for myself to see if it would improve my weight and health. The consultation I underwent with Vishal at the Ayurveda Body Cure identified various aspects of my life that needed to be addressed such as excess weight, irregular sleep patterns, acidity and heartburn, back pain, blocked sinuses and cramps in the feet and chest. Vishal recommended a course of 5 body massages and detox procedures including daily herbal remedies, yoga and relaxation exercises and dietary rules. Due to the support he gave during our regular consultations and the professional treatments I received from the therapists at the Ayurveda Body Cure my physical and mental wellbeing has improved beyond recognition. In the three months since I began my weight has dropped by an amazing 16kg, I can breathe through my nose for the first time in 25 years, I sleep soundly and wake refreshed and the issues of cramp and acidity have all but disappeared. Most importantly, I feel healthy, confident and relaxed, all through adopting an Ayurvedic lifestyle. I would like to offer my thanks to you Vishal and to all of the great people at the Ayurveda Body Cure. 


    - D, Great Britain

  • A big thank you to everyone at Ayurveda Body Cure I didn't have any specific physical health problems when I booked my first course of treatment with you; just tiredness and being generally worn down by a very busy and stressful lifestyle. Any symptoms I had, such as lack of energy, poor fitness and stiffening joints and muscles, I put down to ageing although I knew deep down I could slow the process or even reverse some of the effects, if I practiced more of what I preached to my own clients and patients. I had been aware of the benefits of Ayurveda for many years through Transcendental Meditation and my husband and my eldest daughter having treatments in India. As it happened, the day I arrived I was not feeling well at all, which is very unusual for me; I guess my body was at last being given the chance to be ill as I'd taken a holiday! From the moment I arrived I felt cared for by you all. Vishal was very perceptive in his assessment during the consultation and seemed very quickly to understand the root of my imbalances. The caring was sustained throughout the 8 days, checking in as to how I was, adjusting the herbs accordingly. The daily massages and shirodhana treatments were wonderful; at first I was too tired to comment or give much feedback but I found mostly that the therapists were very sensitive to what I needed without me needing to tell them. As I began to feel better in myself, I thought the massages although so enjoyable were maybe a bit too self indulgent, but as the days went on I felt the real benefit as my flexibility returned and I could again do yoga postures I haven't managed for a few years. It seemed that nothing was too much trouble for you, including providing me with suitable food for lunch and dinner, so I could immediately start following the recommended diet I had another few days before I had to return to home and work but when I did all the usual stresses were waiting for me, with some additional extra difficult situations! However I have managed to keep a balance and sail through them unscathed - without resorting to comfort eating again! My weight has continued to reduce and everyone I meet says how well I look. It seemed like a lot of money but it was absolutely worth every penny and I have no hesitation in recommending you to family, friends and colleagues. I look forward to follow up treatment and only wish you were closer to home. 


    - B, UK.

  • ‘It has taken almost a year of Ayurvedic treatment but it has been worth it. My family in particular has noticed a big difference in my energy and general happiness. I was told two years ago I had Fibromyalgia by a consultant Rheumatologist and when I researched into the illness it didn’t look very hopeful. There didn’t seem to be an awful lot that would help and I was already taking more painkillers than I was happy taking. I went to the Ayurveda Body Cure out of curiosity/desperation really. After I had the first consultation with Vishal Kohli it did all seem to make sense, so I thought I would give it a try. I hadn’t realised how bad things had got until I started to feel better, I think I had got used to feeling that way. My symptoms had gradually got worse over a period of about three years and I had adapted my lifestyle to accommodate it. After one year of Ayurvedic treatment my pains and aches are 90% better and as a result I have so much more energy, I am sleeping 100% better. I used to hate getting up in the mornings as i felt terrible and everything was such ‘hard work’. My whole body was stiff and painful; it would take me hours to be able to move around easily. My headaches have gone and I am not in so much pain all the time; I very rarely take any painkillers. Coupled with this my cholesterol level is now normal having been told, after a blood test, it was high. All my digestive and pre-menstrual issues have vanished completely. The majority of my symptoms have gone and as a result I am much happier in myself. Vishal’s holistic Ayurvedic treatment plan of herbal remedies, herbal enemas and diet recommendations has really helped me and the massages are great; you can’t help but feel relaxed after them.’ 


    - A.T, Reading, UK

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