Jaanu basti: Oil pool over knee joint

Jaanu basti: Oil pool over knee joint

Jaanu means knee joint in Sanskrit and Basti meaning an artificial pool which can contain oil for as much time as required. It is a treatment where the pool of oil is made on your knee joint, while you lie relaxingly on the therapy table. Specially medicated warm oil is pooled and its temperature maintained for 15 – 20minutes. This is then mostly followed by gentle Pindsweda or massage treatment. A series of these treatments can prove as great alternative where manipulation is not indicated by physiotherapists and orthopaedic surgeons.

If done regularly by the prescribed herbal oil it has amazing benefits in conditions like:

  • Osteoarthritis of knee joints
  • Osteoporosis
  • Chronic pain of the knee joint
  • Sports/ ligament injuries in and around the knee joint
  • Cartilage injuries in and around the knee joint 

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